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Xy Gala Shares A ‘True Story (Full of Lies)’

Xy Gala True Stories (Lies) on Right Chord Music

Combining the rebellious spirit of rock with hip hop’s versatility, Xy Gala takes pride in his eclectic sound, displayed in his latest single, True Story (Full of Lies).

Xy Gala – True Story (Full of Lies)

Hailing from London, Xy Gala is a solo project with an eclectic artistic approach. His background as a drummer and his love for bands like Falling In Reverse and Avenged Sevenfold have played a major role in his music, both lyrics and production-wise.

Even though his music is more hip-hop-oriented, Xy always had a special place in his heart for rock and metal. Such deep appreciation led him to combine these seemingly different genres, developing a distinctive style where these influences collide, resulting in a hybrid soundscape that brings the best of both worlds.

After three well-received singles (Fighter, Out Of My Mind, and Not A Number), Xy Gala has revealed the fourth instalment in his short yet engaging discography in the form of the hard-hitting tune True Story (Full of Lies).

This track showcases some of Xy’s most introspective lyrics so far, giving us a good insight into this performer’s mind through some upfront rhymes adorned by a melancholic production. His flow comes as edgy yet engaging in a very peculiar way, and just when you thought you had this tune figured out, Xy defies the preconceptions of his music, introducing clean vocals in the dramatic chorus, proving his versatility as an artist.

And just like the MC who crafted this piece, True Story can be described as a cornucopia of many different things. Influenced by the fast-paced lifestyle in London, plus his experience of becoming a father for the first time, True Story mirrors all these emotions into a captivating melting pot.

True Story is a self-conscious hip-hop tune, as personal and hard-hitting as it gets.

Whether singing, rapping, or screaming, Xy Gala has made it clear that he is not your average artist. His out-of-the-box thinking and bold production choices make him a standout performer in the always-evolving hip-hop UK scene.

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