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Wise Up Set Out To ‘Soothe The Soul’

Wise Up Soothe The Soul on Right Chord Music

Wise Up’s debut EP, ‘Soothe The Soul’, is a sonic tapestry where indie pop collides with 60s rock to deliver bags of modern appeal. 

Wise Up – Soothe The Soul

Formed in 2022, this cosmopolitan three-piece, comprised of guitarist/vocalist Garry, bassist/vocalist Courtney, and drummer Juan, embarked on a musical journey that started with a momentous occasion—their first performance at Garry and Courtney’s wedding. Now they add another chapter to their fairytale-like journey with debut EP ‘Soothe The Soul’. 

This charming, nostalgic offering showcases the compelling vocal interplay between the husband and wife duo Garry and Courtney, weaving together soundscapes of heartfelt melodies and riveting lyrics.

“Soothe The Soul is a strong indie outing, brimming with nostalgic appeal and catchy songs.

The EP kicks off with the title track, a cheerful, lighthearted indie pop number with loads of dynamism. The song’s infectious energy is enhanced by its 60s rock-inspired elements, creating a feel-good atmosphere that immediately demands attention. Garry and Courtney’s vocals effortlessly intertwine, and their voices harmonize nicely atop a cascading bass line and crunchy guitars. 

Next, there’s ‘Legacy’. With more of a restrained feel, the song really peak during its chorus parts, which are somewhat reassuring and comforting. It’s a familiar yet fresh sound, and it certainly adds to the EP’s overall aura.

Then, the EP’s lead single comes into play. ‘House Cat’ has Courtney’s vocals taking hold and adding further flavour to the proceedings. The song progresses at mid-speed and packs some hard-edged guitar riffs and another remarkable bass line. 

Concluding the EP, ‘She Likes It’ is a bouncy number with swirling guitars and a nice, driving drum work, while ‘Nostalgia’, despite its pop inclinations, packs a hard-rocking, semi-punk punch. 

Now on a personal level, although my weapon of choice these days is the guitar, I really appreciate a pronounced bass sound. ‘Soothe The Soul’, to my delight, offers just that. Courtney’s bass lines are simple yet extremely effective and anchor the whole sound brilliantly, plus they’re mixed just right and never take any potency from the guitars. To put it shortly, this EP can really satisfy one’s craving for a well-executed bass sound.

Overall, ‘Soothe The Soul’ leaves a good impression thanks to its lo-fi aesthetics, strong performances, and nostalgic overtones. It also showcases the band’s potential and leaves us anticipating their future endeavours. A recommended listen for indie and alternative rock fans. 

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Words Fidel Beserra