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Allen Constantine’s ‘Louder Than Words’ Deserves A Second Look

Allen Constantine Louder Than Words review on Right Chord Music Blog

Recently, we had the opportunity to review the neoclassical album Opus’85 by the independent Romanian composer Allen Constantine. Now, we take a retroactive look at Louder Than Words, his debut full-length effort released in 2022.

Louder Than Words, in the vein of Opus’85, is an exploration of neoclassical instrumental soundscapes. In music, conveying emotions through instrumental melodies can often surpass verbal expression, and, with Louder Than Words, Constantine achieves just that. 

The album seamlessly blends electronic and classical elements, offering listeners a fusion that reflects both the machine-like aspects of contemporary society and the inherent beauty found in tradition and heritage. Constantine skillfully intertwines organic and digital synths to lay an enveloping groundwork, which is then complemented by the haunting, highly evocative qualities of a string quartet.

“Evolution”, the album’s opening track, sets the tone with its gradual buildup of synth layers, accompanied by poignant piano melodies and ethereal string bursts. While it serves as a mere teaser, clocking in at just over two minutes, it effectively establishes the atmospheric and enigmatic ambience that pervades the album.

Evoking mood and atmosphere with absolute taste, Louder Than Words by Allen Constantine succeeds as a rewarding neoclassical album.

Another highlight, “Fragile Motion”, showcases the strings taking centre stage, adding a sense of progression atop the synth-infused background. This track gracefully evolves into a poignant composition, demonstrating Constantine’s ability to evoke emotion through his instrumental pieces.

The titular piece stands out as a slow-burning exercise in mood and atmosphere. It intertwines synth textures, piano motifs, and string arrangements to create a nostalgic yet contemporary soundscape, reflecting the clash of two worlds amidst the relentless march of time. Then, the aptly-titled “Closure” emerges, delivering soft piano passages that provide a fitting conclusion to the record. 

However, it is “Existence” that shines as my personal favourite. The track builds steadily, with piano chords crescendoing alongside the eloquent strings, evoking an elegiac and phantasmagoric atmosphere that stirs a range of emotions.

Louder Than Words by Allen Constantine is a strong debut album that showcases the artist’s talent for crafting evocative neoclassical compositions. Through a careful balance of electronic and classical elements, Constantine creates a sonic landscape that overcomes the need for words to evoke deep emotional resonance.

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