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William Hut Finds Light In ‘Where Shadows Hold Sway’

William Hut Where Shadows Hold Sway on Right Chord Music

Discover William Hut’s uplifting indie pop single.

William Hut – ‘Where Shadows Hold Sway’

‘With blank stares and weary souls, we press ahead with hearts of coal…’ opens ‘Where Shadows Hold Sway’ by William Hut. Written on the page, it seems quite heavy, but this is a song that maintains some sense of hope even while the world seems to be made of ‘dark alleys’. 

William Hut is a singer-songwriter hailing from Bergen, Norway. He is known for his work with the Grammy-winning Norwegian band The Poor Rich Ones, and has received various accolades throughout his long and rich career. This track is the opener of his latest EP ‘Eternal Hope’.

‘Where Shadows Hold Sway’ is a pacy, mid-tempo indie pop track with rich lyrics and a retro twist.

The intricate lyrics detail the struggle of existing in a seemingly hopeless world, where ‘dreams once free, now firmly bound’ and ‘there’s nothing here to call my own’. However, there are seeds of hope in lines like ‘we sing for the workers, the young and the old’, and perhaps a vision of the future where the youth will do better – ‘you pick it up’. The melodies are well-crafted and lovely, and delivered in Hut’s sincere lead vocals that have more than a hint of Neil Young about them. 

The production combines bubbling, spiky guitars with driving beats and ringing chords. The harmonies are clean and haunting, and overall it has a sense of uplifting euphoria that greatly balances out the pain of the lyrics. There are some vintage influences at work here too, with echoes of acts like Toto and REM. It’s a strong opener for a new EP from an accomplished artist. 

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Words Eden Tredwell