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Eddy Currents Saves It For ‘Some Rainy Day’

Eddy Currents Some Rainy Day on RCM

Discover Eddy Current’s classic Americana folk-rock.

Eddy Currents – ‘Some Rainy Day’

‘There’s a stretch of road off an unknown exit, in a sleepy county just west of Schnectady…’ opens ‘Some Rainy Day’ by Eddy Currents. It’s an evocative lyric that sets up a song rich in detail and classic Americana imagery, so start them trucks, folks, and let’s get driving. 

Eddy Currents is a singer-songwriter often described as having a sound somewhere in between Gordon Lightfoot and Eddie Vedder. With several releases under his belt, he’s currently gearing up for his next album ‘Electric Minds’ and booking several live slots in the diary.

‘Some Rainy Day’ is a wistful, mid-tempo rock track with plenty of imagery and classic influences.

It tells the story of love on the rocks, when ‘tension in the room expands like a balloon’, and hints that the titular ‘rainy day’ is the day when it finally ends. There’s some gorgeous lyric work here, with lines like ‘Television on low, you couldn’t hear what they were saying, maybe they were praying’, and a kind of bittersweet relief in the classic-sounding chorus singing, ‘At least I’m no longer afraid that your love for him never went away’. Currents’ gravelly vocals bring to mind 80s power rock and complement the climbing melodies. 

The track centres around twanging piano lines, chugging guitars, steady drum beats and tight harmonies. It goes down easy, with a guitar solo outro for good measure, and shows a clear influence of the likes of Bruce Springsteen. It’s a solid track and a great choice for any classic folk-rock fans looking for something else to add to the playlists. 

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Words Eden Tredwell