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Candy Rush Tackles Social Media On ‘Don’t Even Wanna Know’

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Discovering a debut single that captivates your attention and leaves you wanting more is a rare and exciting experience. Candy Rush’s debut, ‘Don’t Even Wanna Know’, is a track that has the power to draw listeners in with its catchy beats and soulful lyrics.

Candy Rush – Don’t Even Wanna Know

Now releasing music under her stage name, Candy Rush, Elena Ilie first dipped her toes into the music industry on The Voice Romania in 2019. Since then, she has dedicated her time to perfecting her craft, amassing a loyal following on social media with her unique covers and songwriting snippets. 

‘Don’t Even Wanna Know’ delves into the experiences of women on social media, providing a powerful commentary on the modern-day landscape of social media, offering a raw and honest portrayal of what it’s like to be a young woman grappling with the pressures of society amidst the fabricated perfection of online platforms. The song reflects on the impact of social media on women’s mental health and self-esteem and the constant pressure to conform to idealised standards of beauty and success. 

Throughout the track, Candy Rush confronts this facade of glamour that is often presented on social media and exposes the inherent shallowness of superficial connections. The single highlights the struggles of women in maintaining their sense of self-identity whilst navigating the curated personas that are expected of them.

Drawing inspiration from the unique tonalities of Thundercat’s ‘Them Changes’, ‘Don’t Even Wanna Know’ is a mesmerising blend of funk, R&B, and soul, lending itself to an ear-catching melody and a deceptively minimalistic production.

“With a pop structure destined to whir around listeners’ brains for a while, ‘Don’t Even Wanna Know’ showcases Candy Rush’s musical prowess and creativity. “

Through its poignant lyrics, ‘Don’t Even Wanna Know’ offers a deep commentary on the unique struggles faced by women in maintaining their true sense of self amidst the constant pressures of social media. It highlights the need for users to be mindful of the image we project online and the importance of staying true to ourselves, even in the face of external pressures. With a stellar debut, Candy Rush is certainly an artist to be on your radar. 

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