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View From The Lazy Acre

Today we are excited to welcome indie label Lazy Acre to the Right Chord Music family. We’re huge fans of these indie upstarts and the incredible music they unleash on the world, so we thought it would be fun to let them write a diary. We fully expect ‘View From The  Lazy Acre’ (a working title!) to become the musical equivalent of Adrian Mole’s diary. With a warts ‘n’ all account of life inside an indie label, crammed full of wildly enthusiast new music discovery. We can’t wait! To kick things off, here’s Ben from ‘Team Lazy’ to introduce the label and their artists.

I have to confess, I never kept much in the way of a diary when I was younger – always too busy, too forgetful, too damn lazy to remember to do it. But the opportunity to document the days and weeks of life inside my little record label was too good an opportunity to pass up and so here we are, already mid way through what is the second, needlessly long line of an already grandiose introduction to my very first “label diary / guest blog / what-not”.




To give this (hopefully series of) post(s) some context I suppose it makes sense to introduce myself and Lazy Acre and that kind of goodness… As I’m kind of awkward in social situations though I’m going to do so in the form of a flippant Q&A with myself. And if that isn’t reason enough to go watch cheerleader videos on youtube instead of reading on then you have no-one to blame but yourself.

Q: Hey Ben, so who is Lazy Acre Records and if you are awesome enough to warrant a blog post on the internets how come I have never heard of you? 

A: An excellent question Bens evil twin Hans, Well we are only little. However every day we find new people to join our gang of Norwegian-indie-pop-geeks in terrible cardigans dancing like noone is watching when in fact everyone is watching. It could be that our deliberately obtuse niche has thus far evaded your time on Facebook. (we can change that if you like)

Q: So who is on the roster then?

A: A veritable va-va-voom of the finest in Norwegian music such as (in no particular order)  The Little Hands of Asphalt,Bellman, MyLittle Pony (RIP), Uno Moller (Team Me). We then threw in a bunch of upstarts like Synne Eileen & The Sunbeams, the odd Californian folk punk rabble and a few Indonesians like Marcel Thee and Sajama Cut for good measure. We’re like a Danny Boyle directed ad for Benetton dammit.

Bellman. Spaceship, Move Slow!


Q: And so you are the guys ripping off music fans with your outrageous demands for money in return huh?!

A: Well no we do give away an absolute truckload of music for free (over half of our catalogue of some 35 odd releases are free) but yes we do feel that its right that amazing artists should be rewarded for the time and money and hassle that has gone into making the piece of music you are really enjoying right now. Honestly I wish we had done way less free stuff in the past as we painted ourselves into a little corner for a while and it took a long time to start converting more and more free downloaders into paying customers. Everyone thrusts their copy of The Sun / Mail / Mirror in the air and goes “yeah this something for nothing culture is a disgrace” and then goes onto Piratebay and downloads music for free. Something for nothing. Go see how far that approach gets you at the checkout of Tesco or the Apple store people.

Q: Enough ranting tubby, do you have internets? 

A: Yes we do, man with speech impediment, you can find us and our music and videos and general good time sexy vibes over at www.lazyacrerecords.co.uk

Q: If you could release any three artists in the world who would it be and why Ben?

A: Marvin Gaye because he is amazing although has been quiet for a while now so that might not work out too well. Also – serious answer – Team Me, Arcade Fire. Although also (and this will sound ridiculous) I saw this girl on Americas got Talent called Butterscotch who beatboxed and played classical piano at the same time. She was fucking amazing.

So now we have all of the silliness out of the way, hopefully – should the corporate overlords that run this website decree from on high that I am allowed to come back and write another piece for you – next time we can have a serious chat about music and promotion and serious things like the inner workings of this little record label.

For now – much love

The Lazy Boy x