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Van Deyk See’s The Bright Side On ‘To Cut A Long Story Short’

Van Deyk To Cut A Long Story Short

Like a wheel in constant motion, life is perpetually transitioning in a never-ending duality, and as some people would say, things need to get worse before they get better. This self-awareness of the impermanence of difficult times is what inspired Hamburg-based Van Deyk to write his debut album, To Cut A Long Story Short, a record that embodies the idea of a light at the end of the tunnel.

Van Deyk – To Cut A Long Story Short

Van Deyk grew up in a very musical environment, his stepfather was a drummer during the 60s who toured with Pink Floyd, while his mother played songs on the guitar, and at the early age of 7, he took his first piano lessons. With such a background, you could almost say that being a musician was in his blood.

To Cut A Long Story Short is fueled by the positive idea that even the darkest moments have an end, and eventually, everything will be alright, as Van Deyk explains in more detail:

In my life, it was the absolute lows that ultimately gave me absolute confidence that things will go on. Sadness is followed by joy. And lack of perspective is always followed by a clear goal that makes you feel alive,”.

Van’s first official LP came into existence after a series of hardships, including the pandemic and a parachuting accident in South Africa that almost resulted in tragedy, followed by a long recovery process. All these experiences helped to accentuate the main theme in this record.

The opening track and first single Stereo sets the mood incredibly well, being a chill romantic tune describing a passionate meeting that gets out of hand, with the smooth voice of the singer Sukie creating a pleasant dynamic.

Like This keeps the relaxed atmosphere going, but this time is through a sonic wall composed of foot-tapping beats and infectious synths that fit perfectly with the concept of living in the moment.

Musically speaking, MNDFCK takes a different approach, being one of the most introspective pieces on this record, bringing a gloomy production and Van’s voice having a strong Dave Gahan influence in the verses, displaying his versatility as a performer.

And talking about versatility, Avignon takes another turn, exhibiting Van’s vocal prowess while shifting the musicianship toward a soft indie banger, with the already characteristic positivity prevailing.

Closer and Pencil Case, evidence the cleverness of this work, using creative ways to convey the optimistic lyrics through tribal beats and a delightful array of sonorous wonders.

If there is a song on this LP accurately described just by its title, that would be Feeling Fine. The piece exudes bliss with its groovy bassline, catchy whistle, and overall top-tier instrumentation, which adds more colour to the gorgeous sonic palette of this track.

Dominos is a feel-good melody, peacefully appealing with an encouraging message about moving on. Melancholic in nature yet never depressing.

The last third of this compilation takes us back to the peaceful ambience displayed earlier. The tracks Rare Bird and Anytime are a welcomed change of pace, taking advantage of some of the most delightful back vocals and infectious synths you will hear in a while.

Finally, the songs Something New and A Better You come full circle, giving this beautiful LP a dignifying close, the latter being a short yet powerful letter of self-improvement that fades away solemnly into a gratifying silence.

To Cut A Long Story Short is an example of artistic growth, displaying a high level of maturity, both lyrically and production-wise, elegantly executed through all its magnificent chapters.

A lot needed to happen before this musical work saw the light of day, but the most compelling art has always been the one that thrives through struggle and difficulty. Van Deyk and his team have crafted a timeless musical work that hopefully will inspire people to never give up even in the worst circumstances, so to cut a long story short, do yourself a favour and listen to this album as soon as you can.

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Words Javier Rodriguez