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HWY Reflect On Emotional Abuse With The Fierce Single ‘Marionette’

HWY Marionette

Since releasing their thrilling debut single Come Up, five-piece HWY (pronounced Highway) have quickly established themselves as one of Manchester’s most exciting new acts, thanks to their adrenaline-infused performances and stunning versatility.

HWY – Marionette

Instead of playing it safe and simply reproducing the generic formulas in Alternative rock, this quintet chooses to implement elements from other genres into their sound, resulting in a refreshing style that thrives due to its many influences, which include bands like Foals, The Amazons, and Queens of the Stone Age, to name a few.

Their brand new single Marionette perfectly embodies this interesting genre-blending, with its usage of hard-hitting riffs, euphoric drums, and infectious bass, contrasted by the pleasant synths and the tormented vocals. This amalgamation finds a midpoint between the solid instrumentation and the vital theme underneath this melody.

And talking about the meaning behind this piece, the band has described it as:

recapitulating some of the most torturous years of my life, reflecting on severe emotional abuse at the hands of an ex-partner. I wanted this song to represent my mindset during this relationship, and to serve as a reminder to any person of any age, race, sexuality and gender that they don’t need to suffer through love, and deserve to be able to love themselves first and foremost”.

Marionette is a highly addictive rock track, edgy and brutally honest, finding an ideal balance on its many engaging assets.

These young lads have shown that they are not afraid of getting out of their comfort zone and pursuing their artistic instincts, and while they only have two songs out there, the commitment and skillfulness displayed by this band make them an outfit to watch out for in the upcoming months.

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Words Javier Rodriguez