Deve Finds His Flow On New Single ‘Wasser’

Since 2019, Hamburg-born Deve has been demonstrating time and time again why he is a significant presence in Germany’s independent scene. His newest single, Wasser (water), is another example of the formidable lyrical work that made him a head-turning act.

Deve – Wasser

Following the release of the EP Du.Alles. (2019) and some well-received singles and remixes all over 2020 and 2021, Deve has decided to take the next step and prepare his first full-length record named 1983, with the track Wasser being the first release from this upcoming album.

For Wasser, Deve teamed up with a recurrent collaborator, the skilled Frankfurt producer Niklas Kleber, resulting in a captivating mixture of pop and electronic music. The upbeat electronic rhythms and playful production featured in this track function as the perfect vehicle for Dave’s warm vocal delivery, slowly sinking you into an infectious aural torrent that you won’t be able to get out of your head.

Lyrics-wise, this melody reflects on the need for security that occurs during childhood and the self-determined actions that adults can take, like rhythm and dancing, all combined to evoke an unparalleled sensation of freedom and self-discovery, with the theme of water working as a crucial concept throughout this entire piece.

“Wasser is fresh, catchy and addictive to the core.”

Luckily, Wasser is just a tiny teaser of what’s yet to come. With a new single called Kreis set for release on January 13th, and the launch of the LP 1983 in February”.

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Words Javier Rodriguez