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Ultrabloom Launch With ‘Doomscrolling’

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Three-piece London-based Ultrabloom are an indie rock outfit who have released their debut single, the brilliantly titled ‘Doomscrolling’.  

Ultrabloom – Doomscrolling

Colourful and vibrant, Ultrabloom (Rachel, Matt, and Marti) have been quickly establishing themselves as a relevant act in independent circles, laying a solid foundation for the future with the stellar ‘Doomscrolling’. 

The term doom-scrolling refers to the seemingly endless and compulsive scrolling through news and social media feeds, leading to increased levels of anxiety, stress, and procrastination. It’s a habitual behaviour that can disrupt sleep, impact mental well-being, and contribute to a negative cycle that can even lead to addiction. In our hyperconnected world, it has increasingly become an issue that should be seriously addressed, and Ultrabloom have certainly hit the spot with their contribution. 

“Doomscrolling is a high-quality showcase of infectious pop-infused indie rock.”

Bursting with power from its atmospheric few initial seconds, ‘Doomscrolling’ is anchored in effusive, funky guitar and synth work and an uptempo groove, which form the perfect plateau for Rachel’s zappy vocals. 

A strong song by itself, lyrically, it’s further commentary on the dangerous effects of mindless social media scrolling, which gain a bigger reach thanks to Rachel’s competent vocal phrasing and delivery. 

Catchy and thoughtful, “Doomscrolling” may just become the perfect catapult for a successful career for Ultrabloom. So, stay tuned for more of their music, there should be more great material coming from their end very soon. 

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Words Fidel Beserra