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Tommi Aura ‘let me explAin’

Tommi Aura - Let Me Explain Right Chord Music

Tommi Aura delivers moody electro-pop-punk with a contagious groove on ‘let me explAin’.

Tommi Aura – ‘let me explAin’

‘There’s a time, trust me, there’s a place…if I never get a chance to say it to your face…’ sing the opening lines of ‘let me explAin’. We’ve all played out imaginary conversations with our exes, but it’s even more painful when we’re ghosted, and the chance to have that conversation is taken away. Luckily, songwriting is always there, and Tommi Aura gets to have their say in this track, addressing a disappearing lover. 

Tommi Aura is queer musician based in Los Angeles, who takes a lot of inspiration from queer culture and the early 2000s. After a couple of previous singles, they seem to be hitting the ground running in 2023, this being their third release of the year.

‘let me explAin’ is a deceptively hooky piece of electro-pop, with punk influences and enough grooves to balance out the angst.

Tommi Aura addresses their ex with spiky lyrics – ‘here you lie in your ego grave’ – and an incredibly catchy titular hook. Their vocals are compelling, whispery and distorted yet carrying through the track, and overlapping themselves with well-balanced harmonies, interweaving lines, and shouting echoes. The melodies are well crafted while retaining some personality. 

The production balances pop, electro and punk, layering growling synths over moody, twanging guitars and melancholy piano. I also caught some unexpected garage influence in the sharp beats. It creates a pulsating atmosphere and an infectious groove but still retains an underground feel. And the 2000s influence is clear – fans of early Sugababes or The Veronicas will find plenty to enjoy here. 

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