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TERTIA knows the truth hurts, but that doesn’t stop her from being painfully honest on her latest single ‘INFRARED.’ 

TERTIA – Infrared

The catchy, intimate track is an ode to the dark and tangled places our minds can take us, with the artist describing it as a “story of self-sabotaging daydreams.” TERTIA, a London-born, Dublin-grown singer, songwriter, and producer, is trying to cope with the loss of a past lover, and can’t help but wonder if they feel the same way.

Fans know TERTIA for her emotionally candid lyrics and lo-fi production, and the singer’s style is likened to Kate Bush and Clairo. She first emerged onto the scene while the COVID-19 lockdown was still in full swing and instantly captivated listeners with songwriting that is both perceptive of the chaotic nature of modern society and empathetic to the plight of the humans who constitute it. 

TERTIA has a gift for tapping into our collective unconscious, and that talent shines on ‘INFRARED.’ The track’s raw lyrics feel like a therapy session for both the artist and listeners alike, as TERTIA opens up about the intensity of missing someone while also knowing that chapter of her life is over. Like many people, TERTIA is trying to come to terms with the way a past relationship ended — and sometimes, that process can take us down roads that make our heads swim and our hearts break all over again.

‘INFRARED’ was recorded at the iconic Abbey Road Studios in London and comes out April 21st, with an accompanying music video slated to follow on April 28th. 

“TERTIA has a gift for tapping into our collective unconscious, and that talent shines on ‘INFRARED.’”

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