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Havannah Launches With ‘Hope It Hurts’

Havannah - Hope It Hurts Right Chord Music Blog

Birmingham native Havannah is making her official debut with the track Hope It Hurts, a hard-hitting song that combines the edginess of rock with the smoothness of R&B.

Havannah – Hope It Hurts

Hope It Hurts delivers a melody full of passion, and intensity, and displays Havannah’s dedication to becoming a significant force in the music scene.

With an artistic journey that started in 2019, Havannah has slowly but steadily making a name for herself in the competitive indie world. Still being a newcomer hasn’t stopped her from playing at several notable Birmingham venues, including  The Sunflower Lounge, The Flapper, and the Institute 02.

Her influences are broad and varied to the point where you could even say it’s an intersection where the past meets the present. Among some of the artists that inspired her, we can mention the likes of Jeff Buckley, Royal Blood, and Amy Winehouse.

In good old rebellious fashion, this song is about standing up against whoever tries to bring you down or treat you as if you were less and fighting for yourself versus this authoritarian figure.

Featuring crashing drums, distorted guitars, and Havannah’s haunting voice, the track is an angst-charged punch to the face, building into a chaotic cascade of hard-rock extravagance, combining head-banging instrumentation with a mesmerizing delivery.

“Hope It Hurts is the anthemic fight song you didn’t know you needed.”

As someone said once, the first impression is what counts the most, and in the case of Havannah this is a hell of a good start, whether you want to hear an aggressive hard rock to nod your head or just a relatable composition while you workout, this rising performer has all those bases covered and beyond.

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Words Javier Rodriguez