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Darcey Hope returns with evocative ballad Coming Home

Darcey Hope

If winter could be a song, it would be Coming Home by Darcey Hope. The 20-year-old singer-songwriter from Surrey is back with her sophomore single, a wintery ballad that deals with homesickness and the need to adjust to a new city on your own.

Darcey Hope – Coming Home

Blending folk, pop and country, Hope creates sonic soundscapes that hint at simpler, heartwarming times, combined with a heartfelt and emotionally connecting songwriting style. 

A gentle, bluesy guitar is the driver of the track, alongside a tender piano and Hope’s emotive vocals. Coming Home develops like a painting and every note is a stroke showing us the colours of the land Hope is from. 

Building up the dichotomy between home and the search for where you belong in the world, Hope delivers a song that feels as warm as the first step you take into your house in winter after being outside.

Hope’s strong point is poignant and intimate songwriting that is very sensorial. In verses like:

The wind in my hair and the sun in my eyes, I thought it would feel like I’m dreaming of peppermint skies

We can really feel those sensations and see the colours, connecting them to places we love in our minds. These lyrics combined with the powerful tenderness of Hope’s vocals, perfectly harmonised, results in a country-pop masterpiece. 

Coming Home feels like a bonus track of “evermore” by Taylor Swift, making Darcey Hope a name to watch in the folk-pop scene. This single anticipates Hope’s EP due next year and we can’t wait to hear more from this incredible artist!

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Words Anna Colombo