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‘This Is Only The Beginning’ for Lee Olivier-Hall

Beginnings are scary. Beginnings are good! Beginnings are everything in between. They represent a fresh chance, a new leaf, the opportunity for everything to go chaotically, horribly wrong, or fantastically right. So Lee Olivier-Hall’s title ‘This Is Only The Beginning’ might engender a variety of feelings in you, depending on how you view beginnings, but personally I’m all for the change and the new. And I like an atmospheric piano-led piece.

Lee Olivier-Hall – This Is Only The Beginning

Lee Olivier-Hall is a UK based composer and songwriter, specialising in orchestral music and ‘found sounds’. This track comes from his upcoming EP ‘Moments in Sound’, a collection of songs written throughout and inspired by the pandemic.

‘This Is Only The Beginning’ is a simple yet beautiful piano-led instrumental track, full of all the tension and potential that beginnings hold.

The composer’s experience with film and soundscapes comes through here, and the result is somewhere between Studio Ghibli and electronica. It’s also complemented by a rather lovely music video, featuring dancer Mia Sfara.

It begins with lingering piano chords and plenty of space. Small swells of tremolo strings creep in, and insistent repeated notes, the ever-present ticking of time and pressure. The chord progressions are fairly simple, and the piece built of numerous small melodic patterns and riffs, but they all build and layer together to create something full of feeling. It’s a lovely little piece full of thoughtfulness, and hopefully a good beginning for this composer as well.

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Words Eden Tredwell