‘All My Failures’ is ironically a success for Elizabeth II

I can’t be angry that grunge and pop-punk are coming back into fashion. The teenagers of today deserve to apply some unsteady eyeliner, get battered in a mosh pit, and scream their hearts out to some long-haired shredders. It builds character. And luckily there’s artists like Elizabeth II and her latest single ‘All My Failures’ to show them the way.

Elizabeth II – All My Failures

Hailing from DC, Elizabeth II is an alternative rock artist with plenty of credentials, including impressive guitar skills and three WAMMIE Awards under her belt.

‘All My Failures’ is a classic rock banger, with an instantly catchy singalong chorus and all the angst you could wish for.

With her gutsy, powerful vocals, Elizabeth II delivers bold lyrics like ‘Even in bed I can feel you crawling up my spine…’, but maintains some wry self-awareness. (The music video has handy subtitles to indicate an ‘unnecessary yet fun dance break’.) She delivers a shrugging apology to an estranged lover, admitting her own failures and concluding ‘I’ll find my place in another’s arms.’

It’s a big, classic production with those crashing overdrive guitars and fist-pumping beats, ripe and ready for a sweaty gig. Though there’s a pleasantly surprising outro, a dramatic slowed-down jam as Elizabeth II wails it out. Fans of the early 2000s pop-punk bands like Fall Out Boy and My Chemical Romance will find plenty to enjoy here, as well as those who love female-fronted acts such as Garbage. Don’t overthink it, just rock out!

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Words Eden Tredwell