The Daydream Club United Behind Ocean & The Moon

Ocean & The Moon feels like an exciting next chapter. You could call it the best of The Daydream Club.

The Daydream Club Ocean & The Moon

Husband and wife duo, The Daydream Club have built a career around a spirit of freedom. By being led by their feelings and emotions they have neatly side-stepped the constraints of genre, to release music that has somehow always felt like a connected body of work, always right for the moment.

Since their first studio release, this Leicester based duo have blended folk, ambient, piano and electro to great effect. Now with Ocean & The Moon, it feels like all these previously discreet ideas have been united in one bold and gutsy release.

Ocean & The Moon combines the heavenly boy, girl harmonies and folk stylings that made us fall in love with this band with stabbing drums and energy reminiscent of Found Remix, the heartfelt vocal emotion of Saltwater, the spitting and brooding moods of 2017s Ambient Project and even an outro that draws in some of their best instrumental work. 

Ocean & The Moon is an early glimpse of what’s to come from The Daydream Club’s 7th studio album ‘All Our Born Days’ which is set for release on 24th September.

The duo wrote the heartwarming song as an open love letter to each other,

“You were meant to be my home, Like a force that can’t be known, Like the ocean & the moon, I’m connected to you.”

As with all of The Daydream Club’s releases they have personally created every aspect of the album from writing, recording, producing, mixing and mastering to the artwork, photos and music videos… there’s no big team between audience and artist, just two people creating art.

About The Daydream Club

The Daydream Club are a multi-genre British music duo formed in 2010 by the now husband and wife pairing, Adam and Paula Pickering. Independently produced and self-released, they have amassed over 100 Million career streams to date, with a catalogue as wide-ranging as it is distinctive.

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Words Mark Knight