The Violet Nines Share Scorching New Visuals For ‘Dancing With Fire’

The Violet Nines are a groove pop and rock/R&B outfit hailing from Minnesota, U.S. Their funky guitar and bass, scorching saxophone and multi-fronted approach are the defining traits of their highly dynamic, dancing sound. ‘Dancing With Fire’, their latest release, is the culmination of all these elements in one brilliant song.

The Violet Nines – Dancing With Fire

‘Dancing With Fire’ starts off with a distinctive saxophone riff before the silky vocals come into play, backed by the tight rhythm section and by the smooth keyboard. The song eventually picks up the tempo during the pre-chorus, with the Daft Punk-esque guitar riff stealing the spotlight, and explodes during the absurdly engaging, sing-along chorus. Then, just after the slower bridge, it’s driven home by an anthemic finale. The lyrics deal with the potentially harmful consequences of a troubled romantic relationship one insists to pursue, a concept richly illustrated by the gorgeous and (quite literally) incendiary music video that accompanies the single’s release. 

“Dancing With Fire is a catchy pop groove filled with intensity and colour.

The Violet Nines consist of Hailey Lewis (vocals), Nick Eagon (guitar, vocals), Delon Smith (bass, vocals), Austin Kurtz (drums, percussion) and Benjamin Clyne (saxophone, keys). In addition to their high-octane music, another relevant aspect of their branding is their catchy name, which came from their appreciation of the word “ultraviolet” combined with a tribute to John Lennon and his favourite number. These elements, including the professionalism of how they approach their marketing and promotion, are set to pay them bigger dividends shortly. Be sure to check their earlier material, and also connect with them on social media to stay tuned for upcoming releases. 

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Words Fidel Beserra