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Margo Deals With Unexpected Love In ‘Pink Vision’

Margo Pink Vision

Wishing to turn some frowns upside down with her jolly and melodious voice, Cologne-based Margo has made her official debut, ‘Pink Vision’ a soulful Indie-Pop bopper with a fun take on the inconveniences that come with love’s unpredictability.

Margo – Pink Vision

One of the many facets of love is how uncertain it can be. One minute you are on your own business, and the next thing you know, you are losing it for someone who might not even be good for you, yet being fully aware of this, you still can’t control those butterflies in your belly. This hypothetical and relatable scenario is what drives Margo’s riveting new track Pink Vision.

With a background of two years studying music in her native Cologne, Margo has honed her skills as a singer-songwriter, developing tunes that depict emotional intimacy on a personal level. Her influences are varied and rich, encompassing legends such as Stevie Wonder and David Bowie, as well as more recent stellar acts like Arlo Parks and Alice Phoebe Lou.

This mixture of classic and new is present in her sound, and her first offering Pink Vision is proof of this. The dreamy guitar strumming accompanied by the uptempo drums sets the stage for Margo’s sugary voice, which turns a topic that could result sorrowful into a blissful summer anthem, with this young 22-year-old delivering the memorable chorus:

I don’t like your looks, I don’t like your friends, we don’t read the same books I can predict how they end. I don’t like the way you talk sometimes, but it gives me butterflies.

Pink Vision is the crush hymn you’ve been waiting for, optimistic, carefree, and sublimely catchy.

With this piece, Margo has made a strong declaration, letting the world know that she is here to stay, starting her career spectacularly with an unforgettable composition that will make many people hit the replay due to its timeless subject and endearing production.

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Words Javier Rodriguez