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Charles Connolly Invites You To ‘Europe In The Summertime’

Charles Connolly - Europe In The Summertime

Charles Connolly wants to soundtrack your summer with his new feel-good single ‘Europe In The Summertime’.

Charles Connolly – Europe In The Summertime

Everyone loves summer, the freedom to ditch that winter coat, the confidence to plan that BBQ, or the excitement of European travel. I don’t know about you but music has always played a key role in my summer holidays. Back in the day, it was about the carefully curated mixtape or mix CD to soundtrack your adventures. But while the choice of music you took with you was important, there was also the unknown excitement of the new music you would discover, and bring back. What was ultimately going to become your holiday anthem, the track forever associated with that summer trip?  With his new single ‘Europe In The Summertime’ London-based singer-songwriter Charles Connolly (CC) has thrown his hat in the ring.

With its accordion opening, you are immediately transported to that quintessentially European market square or piazza. From there it quickly transforms into a floor-filling party anthem showcasing CC’s production skills.

A verse of hip-hop with a twist, a chorus of four-to-the-floor disco-pop, and a myriad of hooks and harmony from beginning to end. This is bound to get you up and dancing with a smile.

Fans of Dua Lipa, Post Malone and Bruno Mars will find lots to admire. Its infectious energy and feel-good vibes sweep you up, it’s impossible not to find yourself singing along.

More about Charles Connolly

Charles Connolly is truly an independent artist, he does everything himself, including the female vocals! He has been writing and producing music for years but only started realising music publically in 2020 encouraged by renowned songwriter Mike Batt.

In a world obsessed with genre boxes, Charles likes to break rules, darting between the lines and drawing on influences as diverse as Disclosure and The Beatles. I think we also detected a little slice of WHAM-era George Michael in there!

 “Truly great, interesting and exciting melody, I feel, is something truly lacking from most modern pop music, and I really wanted to bring that back – to feel the excitement in music again”, says Charles.

Take time to explore his back catalogue on Spotify, it’s a feel-good, roller-coaster ride!

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Words Mark Knight