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The Maddocks Make Their Intentions Clear On ‘If Anyone Can’

The Maddocks - If Anyone Can review on Right Chord Music

The Maddocks have returned after the warm reception of their debut with ‘If Anyone Can’ where deception and acceptance are the names of the game.

The Maddocks ‘If Anyone Can’

A lot has changed since the last time we saw this four-piece, including two headline sold-out shows and support from Tim Burgess, John Kennedy (Radio X), and Shell Zenner (Amazing Radio, XS Manchester), giving them the perfect excuse to release a new recording and prove the success of the first one was not a coincidence.

“If Anyone Can is an open-hearted post-punk masterclass.”

While post-punk has always been part of The Maddocks sound, their first single This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things, had an irreverent sense of humour that made it stand out from the traditional structures of the genre, however, this new song definitely goes back to the roots of this gloomy musical style, having a more serious undertone. Carried by its reverb guitar and hard-hitting songwriting, the piece shines during its high-energy chorus, fully embracing a subtle earnest attitude and the slightly shadowy atmospheric vibe.

This composition also has a thoughtful meaning underneath, except for its title, which is another small, funny inside joke typical of this group:

If Anyone Can’ was the first song we wrote together as The Maddocks. The lyrics address those feelings of exasperation we’ve all experienced when trying to work out what to do when people don’t make their intentions clear. Ultimately, the song is about how often the best thing to do in those situations is to sack it off and let go, because nobody wants to be stuck in a cycle like that. The actual name of the song, however, is completely unrelated; it’s from the slogan of a defunct computer shop in Fallowfield. We just thought it was funny.”

For their sophomore release, The Maddocks have opted to show they can be a very reflective band when they need to but never fully stepping away from their trademark irreverence. In the end, tracks like this confirm that the only thing that’s for sure about The Maddocks is nothing’s for sure.

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Words Javier Rodriguez