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Shoffy, Lincoln Jesser Reunite For Summer Anthem ‘Is This Love’

Prepare yourself for a musical delight as Shoffy and Lincoln Jesser, the dynamic duo renowned for their smash hit ‘Takes My Body Higher’ in 2015, return with a scintillating new summer anthem that is sure to cause a stir. 

Shoffy, Lincoln Jesser – Is This Love

Their latest collaboration, named ‘Is This Love’, is a high-energy electronic dance track that will sweep you off your feet and transport you to a world of carefree dancing.

Since their initial collaboration, both Shoffy, a talented singer-songwriter hailing from Los Angeles, and Lincoln Jesser, a skilled producer, have been making significant waves in the music industry as individual artists. Their inaugural hit amassed over 100 million streams worldwide and even found its place on the revered Billboard charts. While Shoffy continued to release a string of captivating songs over the years, Lincoln honed his production skills by crafting a series of infectious and upbeat tracks.

‘Is This Love’ presents a subtle departure from their previous triumph, but in the most delightful manner. The song commences with an electronic piano melody that stirs a sense of wistful nostalgia, transporting listeners to the heights of their earlier success while infusing a fresh and invigorating summer vibe. The vibrant rhythm and groovy bass provide a compelling backdrop for Shoffy’s velvety and emotive vocals, seamlessly complemented by Lincoln Jesser’s exceptional production finesse. The outcome is a harmonious fusion that captivates with its soothing allure and exhilarating energy, capturing the enchanting essence of unexpectedly falling head over heels in love during the sun-kissed season.

This electrifying dance track epitomises the fusion of their distinctive talents and encompasses all the elements needed to ascend as the ultimate summer anthem. Its infectious beat and irresistibly catchy melody are guaranteed to set your feet in motion, rendering it an indispensable addition to your summer playlist.

“Shoffy, Lincoln Jesser’s ‘Is This Love’ defies expectations, pushing dance music boundaries with a fresh, vibrant sound” 

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Words Abby Teodosio