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The Formalist Contemplate Time On ‘A=N’

The Formalist A=N review on Right Chord Music

Brooklyn-based duo The Formalist has unveiled their third release of the year, a mesmerising masterpiece titled A=N, which continues to embody their enigmatic and highly captivating style.

The Formalist A=N

Established in 2006 by Brooklyn-born Krieger on beats/sampling and Norwegian native Erik Laroi on vocals/guitar, The Formalist embodies an intriguing fusion of sounds where experimental intricacy meets melodious pop sensibilities.

Despite their divergent musical backgrounds, with Laroi having been the drummer of the late 90s shoegaze outfit Closer, and Krieger a member of the experimental band The Freight Elevator Quartet, it was this contrasting blend that imbued The Formalist with its unique allure, shaping the project into what it is today.

Following the success of their previous singles, ‘Happenstance’ and ‘Finite’, which garnered thousands of streams and earned coverage from reputable platforms like Music Crowns, Turtle Tempo, and Illustrate Magazine, The Formalist now introduces their latest track, ‘A=N’. This new release maintains the same captivating complexity as its predecessors, delving deep into themes of melancholy and romanticism while exploring the cyclical nature of time. Through profound lyricism, the song reflects on how individuals experience and reminisce about life, emphasizing the inevitable yet comforting recurrence of existence amidst constant change.

But wait, there’s more to ‘A=N’ than just its thematic depth. Its production is equally enthralling. Described as a retro-futuristic noir ballad, the composition seamlessly blends electro beats with soulful instrumentation, including haunting background vocals and a monumental string section. This fusion creates an immersive experience where nostalgia meets innovation, crafting a unique sonic landscape that juxtaposes the unusual with heart-wrenching melancholy.

“A=N offers a mesmerizing auditory odyssey that lingers long in the mind.”

With only three releases under their belt, The Formalist has left an indelible mark on both critics and listeners alike, showcasing the remarkable expertise of its members. Don’t miss out on this dynamic duo and their future releases. Watch out for The Formalist.

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Words Javier Rodriguez