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Songs of Euphoria Share The Theatrical ‘March of the Amazons’

Songs of Euphoria March of the Amazons on Right Chord Music

Songs of Euphoria, a Berlin-based musical theatre project’s debut release is a powerful tale of ordained destiny.

Songs of Euphoria – The March Of The Amazons

Recounting an epic quest of the mythological all-female tribe of the Amazons through symphonic rock, is the ambitious debut release for Berlin-based musical theatre project Songs of Euphoria. Fronted by their own warrior queens – Nadine, Melinda and Lucia – the six-piece create an immersive song that owes much of its drama to the likes of Queen and Finnish band Nightwish.

All the elements are in place for a song with enough power and strength to render the weight of the task bestowed on the three Amazonians by the Gods “And we march through the sands and the valleys of death, through the dust for the land, the gods doom us!” The thrashing guitar lines that punctuate the track and carve out the fateful journey are the marks of Christian Cieslak, the de facto leader of the band and writer of the music and lyrics, who reveals that the song has its origins in classical music:

“I wanted to write a dark tale like Wagner’s “The Flying Dutchman” on the powerful female subject of the Amazonian warrior-ladies. In which fate and curse have a hand in it.”

And there is a definite sense of the classical to the Sturm and Drang of the track. Not least through the Oriental-sounding chorus echoing the tribes’ quest: “Far to the east we roam to be released before the end of time”. There are sections where the female vocals harmonise in solidarity creating strength in numbers for the warrior queens backed by a marching drumbeat. In contrast, when there is just a single vocal, the overriding sense is of human fallibility that feeds on hope: “I will see the light then we be released. All we sisters three shall be free then.”

What allows ‘The March of the Amazons’ to stand tall and march on its own six feet in the pantheon of symphonic rock is the scale of the music. Contrary to the central theme of fatalistic helplessness there is so much scope for Songs of Euphoria to explore other concepts through their music, maybe even their own rock opera? What is certain is that they have set the stage for more exciting things to come.

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Words Andrew Gutteridge