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The Exchange Project Show Strength On ‘Leave Me The Keys’ 

The Exchange Project, Leave Me The Keys on Right Chord Music Blog

High-energy rock group The Exchange Project’s newest single is reflective of classic rock, packed with anger and drama. The four-piece band from Washington, DC know how to pack a punch.

The Exchange Project – Leave Me The Keys

As a band arising from the depths of the pandemic, their sound is fresh whilst also clearly inspired by 2000s grunge. This blend of old versus new is what makes their newest single so memorable.

The groove-based single is made heavier with its layered harmonies. Lead vocalist Omar Delgado’s impressive and soulful vocal range persists throughout. From the get-go, ‘Leave Me The Keys’ is fuelled by fuzz and distortion. With so many sonic elements that contribute to its individuality, ‘Leave Me The Keys’ is a well-crafted track made to be on repeat.

As an anthemic track, ‘Leave Me The Keys’ is perfect for fans of Queens of The Stone Age or Alice In Chains. The track is driven equally by its instrumentation as well as vocals, explaining why it has such a solid sound.

Simultaneously adventurous and uplifting as well as dark in its sound, The Exchange Project’s newest single makes us look forward to their first LP set to be released this summer.

“Leave Me The Keys is a stripped-down, classically grunge hit”

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Words Zuzu Lacey