The Daydream Club Get It So Right On ‘You’ve Got It Wrong’

‘You’ve Got It Wrong’ is the second single to be lifted from ‘All Our Born Days’, the seventh studio album from The Daydream Club in 11 years, and it’s shaping up to be their best.

The Daydream Club – You’ve Got It Wrong

The Daydream Club have built their career around a whistful romanticism, full of optimism and positive spirit. Negativity just doesn’t feature until now. But ‘You’ve Got It Wrong’ sets off into unchartered territory. The single provocatively points the finger and asks ‘where do we go from here?’ You’ve Got It Wrong perfectly soundtracks that moment when an argument ends, but the scars and uncertainty remains. Oh, that feeling of emptiness!

The single begins with a trembling, twanging bass which sets the pulse racing and makes the heckles stand on your neck. It’s oh so brooding. We found ourselves listening on repeat if only to take in Paula’s cold, almost seething vocal delivery, such a change from her normal honeyed vocal tones.

‘You’ve Got It Wrong’ is paired with its counterpoint, the joyously romantic ‘Ocean & The Moon’ an open love letter between the pair. It’s an equally stark reminder that once the heat of the argument subsides, some things are just meant to be. There can’t be many better two-sided singles that soundtrack the highs and lows of a relationship with such honesty and intensity.

All Our Born Days

All Our Born Days draws upon the lifespan of the band to date. Having formed in 2010 a lot has happened in global and personal events. Lyrically Adam & Paula explore what they have witnessed and experienced, the good and the bad. Musically it’s a culmination of all of the duos sounds over the years coming together in one album, combining influences from alternative, ambient, electronic, folk, classical crossover, soul, dub and trip-hop.

The album is set for release on 24th September, you can pre-save it here. But the better option would be to just mark this date in your diary, make yourself a cup of tea, put on your best headphones and just listen from beginning to end. After all, when was the last time you actually just sat and really listened to an album?

Independent Spirit

As with all of The Daydream Club’s releases they have personally created every aspect of the album from writing, recording, producing, mixing and mastering to the artwork, photos and music videos… there’s no big team between audience and artist, just two people creating art, and that’s why The Daydream Club will always hold a special place in our hearts and heads.

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Words Mark Knight