First Signs of Love No 221 Quiet Houses

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First Signs of Love – Quiet Houses

After the overwhelming success of their last EP, Big Town, Edinburgh duo Quiet Houses is back continuing their trend of releasing high-quality tracks.

Hot and Clumsy is a worthy representative of this group’s well-crafted sound while also functioning as a formidable introduction to the absorbing themes that will be part of their upcoming EP Since July.

Comprised of Jamie Stewart and Hannah Elliott, Quiet Houses started when these two talented individuals met at school in their native Edinburgh. A concert by The Staves ignited their passion for writing music together and in the process, initiated what would be the genesis of this fascinating project.

Their debut EP Big Town became an instant success, receiving support from BBC Radio Scotland who gave them support via a track of the week feature. While the single ‘Cold Water Swimming’ featured in Spotify’s The Most Beautiful Songs In The World, a track which by the way, currently has over one million streams.

Their new piece, Hot And Clumsy, is a window to those beautiful moments that occur during adolescence, being more specific about the sensation of being young and liking someone at a party, including the embarrassment and awkwardness that might happen during that complicated period.

This song does a marvellous job at illustrating all these feelings with its nostalgia-soaked lyrics, along with the heavenly production, which is anything but average, having a unique mixture of Math-Rock riffs, drum loops, and the chillness of Folk. As strange as this combination might sound, this pair managed to blend all these elements into a lovely song with a timeless subject.

As heartwarming as it is inventive, Hot and Clumsy is an enjoyable melody that will keep listeners on the tip of their toes.

With this new offering, Quiet Houses have displayed a clear artistic growth, evident in the touching songwriting, the on-point instrumentation, and the peculiar yet highly effective production into what feels like one of the most polished tracks they have developed so far. If this is a taste of what Since July will be like, then the rest of this EP will be something you should not miss.

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Words Javier Rodriguez