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The Burgler Steals The Limelight On Latest single ‘False Alarm’

The Burgler - False Alarm

All the way from Israel, The Burgler presents a track unafraid to distinguish itself from his previous work.

The Burgler – ‘False Alarm

A moniker for Fufu Banana’s Ori Kastiel, The Burgler shows a greater emphasis upon production- something Kastiel has become more than proficient in. While much of this is self-studied, ‘False Alarm’ balances each element in a way that emphasises the individual instrumental accomplishments.

A slightly fuzz-imbued yet still smooth bassline accompanies the distinct descending guitar riff; a combination that aptly recalls summer love and sunsets. Swirling synths meander across the track- forming an instrumental bed that further helps to build an elegantly wistful atmosphere. Driven by an undercurrent of Psychedelia in tandem with perfect pop sensibilities, ‘False Alarm’ sounds as fresh to new listeners as it does at home. 

Having co-opted an old industrial building and transformed it into a musician’s commune, Kastiel aims to bring Psychedelia back to Eilat. His unique brand of ‘Galactic Soul music’- while inspired by groups such as MGMT, Homeshake and Tame Impala- has a distinct cultural identity that proudly boasts of the country’s underground talent. This is not to say that The Burgler is beyond making reference to touchstone artists, with a reference to Franz Ferdinand’s ‘Take Me Out’ forming a vital part of the song’s narrative. ‘False Alarm’ combines the best of Kastiel’s listening habits while still maintaining its own unique identity.

Already an infectious track that refuses to be forgotten, ‘False Alarm’ paves the way for the Burgler’s debut self-titled EP. Having heard the quality of Kastiel’s previous releases, all that remains is for The Burgler to further capitalise on his talents. Throw yourself into The Burgler’s sonically Psychedelic soundscapes on ‘False Alarm’, the latest release from an unsigned artist that deserves to be heard.

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Words Angus Nisbet