Edwin Rosen and his nostalgic dance throwback ‘Verschwende deine Zeit’

Edwin Rosen hails from Germany, the twenty-year-old artist has gained quite the following since his initial debut, with over three million streams for his previous single and roughly 6 million streams in total.  His electro dance music hints of 80’s dance nostalgia and synth-wave.

Edwin Rosen – Verschwende deine Zeit

Edwin Rosen takes inspiration from the likes of Joy Division, Boy Harsher and Molchat Doma. Growing his fan base independently, it’s clear the artist is making all the right moves.

His latest single and fifth official release holds some similarities to his previous work, with light and mysterious background vocals accompanied by throwback hi-hats and synths, transporting the listener to a world of deep 80’s retro synth wave and dance. This newest release would feel right at home on the next ‘Stranger Things’ soundtrack for sure.

Followed by a dark but enticing visual set in a wooded area with various camera effects, it really adds to the vibe of the tune as a whole. Overall the song is yet another great release from the artist who is clearly taking bigger steps forward with each release.

Opening up about his artistry, Edwin explains:

“You might not hear it now, but Blink-182 were a very important band for me. They made me want to make music on my own. ‘Through All Of This’ on which Robert Smith sings, I then discovered The Cure. Besides, I’m a skater and I watched a lot of skater videos using Cure songs or New Order. Then when I started making music, I really wanted to be able to record everything on my own, that influenced the instrumentation a lot, of course”

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Words Daisy Lipsey