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TABLE 4 1 Lights Up On ‘Spaceman’

TABLE 4 1 Spaceman review on Right Chord Music

Discover TABLE 4 1’s pure, intimate acoustic track

TABLE 4 1 – ‘Spaceman’

‘You look around and all you see is the ghost that talks to me, and calls your name…’ opens ‘Spaceman’ by TABLE 4 1. It’s a slightly unnerving opening which is softened by the wistful melodies. This is a love song with all the floating dreaminess yet strange detachedness of – well, a spaceman. A new, acoustic re-release of an older track, TABLE 4 1 are sending this glowing little tune out into the atmosphere again. 

TABLE 4 1 is the project of Birmingham-based singer-songwriter Harry Bott. Some may know him as the lead singer of the band Cigarette Social Club, who supported the likes of The Rills and Second Thoughts. With many songs leftover from band days, Bott is reshaping them into his solo project.

‘Spaceman’ is a bare, yet intimate acoustic indie song, filled to the sky with longing and regrets.

‘It would have happened in the end, ‘cos you’re more than just a friend’ sings the wryly resigned lyrics, describing a relationship that seems to have cracks forming. Fault is admitted with lines like ‘I tell you lies’ but hope remains that she’ll ‘find the keys’ to make it work out. These are all delivered with classic melodies and Bott’s committed performance, with warm, husky vocals and delicate falsetto.  

The production centres around some lovely interplay between a bright guitar and a saxophone – an unexpected choice, but it works here, keeping it smooth and never sleazy. Echoes of classic songwriting in the vein of The Beatles and David Bowie are clear, but also more modern acts like The Kaiser Chiefs. It’s a track both classic and fresh, which could appeal to a variety of listeners. 

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Words Eden Tredwell