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Alaska Blue Embrace The Melancholy On ‘Blue Shelter’

Alaska Blue - Blue Shelter

Tactile senses of introverted uncertainty inside the Blue Shelter by Alaska Blue.

Alaska Blue – Blue Shelter

In their new song, Italian duo Alaska Blue embody the melancholy and sadness of those people we always pass by.

This world is not designed for introverts. The one who screams the loudest will be heard and the opinion that was proved with foam at the mouth and the most sweeping gestures will be accepted as the truth. It’s a cruel truth, but that’s the way it is, that’s the kind of world we’ve built.

And after all, we never think about what these same introverts have to do when no one wants to listen to them? After all, the most valuable and balanced thoughts are never spoken loudly and are addressed only to those who have won the trust of such people through hard work. I feel a certain pleasure in this when the person who is closed to everyone else opens up to you. You definitely do know these persons, with a treasure chest in their souls and the key to it in their hearts. But for me personally, the most interesting question is what happens inside such people? What do they think about, how do they think and what colours do their souls play?

The protagonist of the song “Blue Shelter” is just such a person. They drown in torture and obsessive thoughts, their words have no meaning for anyone, even for themselves. They try to find suitable excuses and phrases to be heard, but nothing comes of them. And when despondency and depression once again fall on them, they are mysteriously transported to a modest place where no one speaks, but everyone understands each other. This is probably precisely the very “Blue Shelter”, which is the song’s name.

I wonder, how it would be if words were all we need?

At least, these are the associations that this song evoked in me. Although who knows, perhaps it was precisely such an atmosphere that the Italian duo «Alaska Blue» built for the listener. In any case, we can definitely say that these two skillfully know how to design interiors in your ears, and very few musicians can do this.  «Blue Shelter» – a very tactile song that gropes you, tries to smell danger in you, and only after it is convinced that you are unarmed – it will let you in, in the very place where you can be understood without words and facial expressions.

This song was nurtured on the streets of noisy, passionate and joyful Italy, then grew stronger during travels and street performances at narrow intersections, near bakeries and jewellers, but all this grew into the completely opposite side of human souls in it – not into a thirst for happiness, but into a state when you want to be silent and say much more with this silence than any words could. And combined with minimalist, acoustic and bedroom lo-fi sound, together with the warm and tight-fitting voice of Elisabetta Giordano and guitar guru Davide Casi, Blue Shelter. This is a really introverted song that is ready to reveal its fine fibres to you if you show a little spiritual predisposition and human kindness to it.

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Words Otis Cohan Mone