Stereo Dive Foundation Goes Global With ‘SPARKLES’

STEREO DIVE FOUNDATION’s unique sense of style is prevalent and clear on their powerful new track ‘SPARKLES’.


STEREO DIVE FOUNDATION is a name gaining increasing traction internationally. With anime’s ever-increasing popularity outside of Japan, western ears have been opened to a variety of incredible artists that may have previously flown under the radar. STEREO DIVE FOUNDATION’s ‘SPARKLES’ not only marks itself as one of the smoothest anime themes of the year, but also presents an artist in perfect control of all the sensibilities required to take the pop world by storm.

Having previously been a major part of the legendary Japanese recording outfit OLDCODEX, STEREO DIVE FOUNDATION (also known as RON) is no stranger to producing a catchy and clippable tune. Like many others, I was first exposed to RON’s talent through the anime medium; with Free!’s first opening ‘Rage On’ captivating me with its perfect production and ability to set the tone of the show that lay ahead.

While I could easily continue to gush about this previous group’s work, it was when RON adopted the new moniker STEREO DIVE FOUNDATION that he truly came into his own. From his first solo track ‘Daisy’, produced for Kyoukai no Kanata (Beyond the Boundary), RON showed his audience that he had a clear recipe for success. Combining strong vocal performances and a captivatingly melancholic tone, ‘Daisy’ was the perfect end theme to a show filled with twists, turns and a similarly evocative atmosphere.

STEREO DIVE FOUNDATION has only gone from strength-to-strength as both his body of work and notoriety have increased. Adopting a harder edge on the Gangsta. opening ‘Renegade’, RON proved he is able to explore his more experimental, electronic side with the gorgeous visuals on offer pairing well with his vision. Other standout performances include tracks for the ever-popular Food Wars! and the adaption of my own personal favourite emotional rollercoaster of a visual novel Muv-Luv Alternative, with this particular track ‘TRISTAR’ a treasure within his discography. In spite of his devotion to producing stand-out openings, RON has somehow still found the time to cultivate a burgeoning fanbase alongside releasing two albums of high-quality tunes.  Having previously worked with the creators of the smash hit ‘That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime’ on the season 2 ending track ‘STORYSEEKER’, STEREO DIVE FOUNDATION was a great choice to produce not one but two insert songs for the high-budget movie ‘Scarlet Bond’, a new addition to the aforementioned series.

“Combining both Japanese and English lyrics, STEREO DIVE FOUNDATION’s song-writing transcends linguistic barriers to target the heart directly.”

What stands out most upon first listen is not only how effectively ‘SPARKLES’ functions within the context of the movie, but also how well it works as a standalone track.  For the purpose of negating spoilers, I will avoid contextualising the track with regards to the movie. Needless to say, however, STEREO DIVE FOUNDATION has produced a song perfectly suited to the source material; at once both emotive yet marked with a rock-orientated backbone. RON’s voice is steeped in both loss and longing yet still holds a modicum of hope, best emphasised in the simple yet redolent phrase “Don’t fade”. As he previously proved on ‘Daisy’, RON is a master of melancholy who deftly juggles a wide variety of emotions to suit any mood or requirement.

There is no doubt in my mind that STEREO DIVE FOUNDATION will continue to create music that will leave a lasting impact far beyond an anime’s air date. Having just finished tour dates in the USA, his repertoire further afield continues to grow. As his involvement within and beyond the medium continues to flourish, STEREO DIVE FOUNDATION has much to be proud of and an international audience waiting for his next explosive release.

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Words Angus Nisbet