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Sour Punch Yells ‘Take Me Home Taxi’

Sour Punch Take Me Home Taxi Right Chord Music Blog Review

Sour Punch, one of Manchester’s most exciting new bands have unveiled their first track of 2023 ‘Take Me Home Taxi’, which offers electrifying lyrics and euphoric instrumentation that blends alt-rock, pop-punk, and indie.

Sour Punch Take Me Home Taxi

The last time we saw this Manchester trio, they were killing it with their well-received songs ‘Pink Lemonade’ and ‘You Know Better’, amassing thousands of streams and captivating audiences wherever they perform.

Ready to surpass the milestones achieved in 2022, their new single, Take Me Home Taxi has all the energy of their previous deliveries, promising to make you forget all your worries with its inherent catchiness.

This melody is about having a blast after the end of a fun, satisfying night, as always sprinkled with their singular sense of humour. Diving further into its meaning, they explain:

You’ve had a great night, you’ve got your kebab and all you wanna do is get home as quickly as possible and eat half of it in bed (leaving the other half for breakfast of course). It’s a short, sweet, and explosive song for just that time, just like the end of a good night.

Concise and wildly entertaining (like most pop-punk anthems), TMHT is an attention grabber from the get-go, with its frenetic hooks, speedy riffage, and hyper drum beats. If a song could be the auditive representation of a wild night out with your friends, it definitely would be this one.

“Take Me Home Taxi is a minute and a half of pop-punk extravaganza.”

If you want to hear this awesome tune live in addition to Sour Punch’s exciting catalogue, then Sunday, June 4th, is your chance because these fellas will be playing along with Swamp Chicken and PAVE at 33 Oldham Street in Manchester. So save that date in your calendar because it will be an evening worth remembering!

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Words Javier Rodriguez