Sophie Kilburn makes explosive arrival with debut EP My Room Made Public

Breakthrough artist Sophie Kilburn bursts back on the scene with her incredible, 4 track debut EP entitled, My Room Made Public. The EP follows on from ‘Movements’ and ‘I’m In Love With My Therapist’, Sophie’s last 2 singles and the first 2 to be unveiled from the then-upcoming project. 

Sophie Kilburn – My Room Made Public

Staying true to her old-school rocker roots, Kilburn offers out an emotional, thought-provoking and memorable performance from beginning to end, touching on various themes from self-esteem and identity, relationship issues, mental healths struggles and even the pressure to succeed. 

A feast for the ears, this project sees Sophie hone in on all her alternative musical inspirations, channelling the likes of Haim, Phoebe Bridgers and Soccer Mummy into her sonics whilst effortlessly maintaining a grungy, pop twist that is sure to go down a treat with listeners across a range of genres. 

Lyrically, My Room Made Public is probably the most openly vocal Sophie Kilburn has been about her personal life and experiences to date. The project sees Sophie really dig deep within herself, exposing her vulnerabilities and proudly wearing her heart on her leather-jacketed sleeve, all in the hopes of gaining an understanding of herself and opening up a space for understanding her. 

“I wanted to create a body of work that is an emotionally open and honest introduction to me as an artist and the songs I write. It is chapter one of what I  hope will become a classic trilogy. At the end of the day, I just want to bring emotional comfort and make people want to fight for what they want out of life, find themselves in their own way and to never settle for something that hurts them.”  – Sophie Kilburn

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Words Daisy Lipsey