Simona releases dance pop anthem Freaks

German-born, Bulgarian-bred singer-songwriter Simona has just released the fresh new single ‘Freaks’.

Simona – Freaks

After flying to Los Angeles to pursue her dream, Simona co-wrote and starred in the independent film Slasherparty that allowed her to connect with Dj Nasty and platinum producer Dakari.

Together with Dakari, Simona worked on the EP ‘Addictive’, which was a success. In the last months, Simona has been polishing up her project and working on new material. “Freaks” is her first single marking a new sonic era. 

‘Freaks’ is an incredible alternative pop anthem. Heavily bass-driven, the melody just hooks you up and takes you straight to the dance floor. Winking at pop legends like Lady Gaga and Ava Max, Simona’s new single promises to be a club go-to.  

The minimal arrangement is infused with dance elements, complemented by peculiar sparse sounds that treat the ear throughout the song. 

The almost synth-pop bass arpeggiator is the real king, dictating the rhythm, topped off by Simona’s captivating vocals that seem to fill any angle on the song, piercing each word in your head. 

‘Freaks’ is accompanied by an enticing music video, providing choreography to the track that is likely to blow up on Tiktok as a new trend! Simona’s unique pop blend, with retro hints and a distinguishing sass, is here to stay. 

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Words Anna Colombo