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The Golden Hour Deliver With ‘Postcard Summer’

The Golden Hour Postcard Summer

With flawless accuracy, The Golden Hour has created an anthem that relies heavily on nostalgia, powered by feelings of identity and remembrance. This new offering carries a familiarity that fans of Synth-pop will feel attracted to immediately.

The Golden Hour – Postcard Summer

Driven by his desire to spread love, positivity, and inspiration to his listeners, Matteo Zandonella Bolco, better known as The Golden Hour, has spent the last couple of years crafting memorable pieces of music that excel at transforming Matteo’s experiences into relatable art with high emotional value.

Matteo’s early years were not easy moving constantly due to his father’s work, making it difficult to find a place to call home. However, despite these recurrent changes, the only thing that remained constant in his life was the music, comforting him during hard times, a sentiment that this artist wants to transmit to his fans with his latest piece Postcard Summer.

As soon as the song starts, the first thing to notice is the melancholic synths, which work as a momentary time machine to the 80s. This retro intro is subsequently accentuated by the drums and Matteo’s impactful voice blending exquisitely with the mix and the steady bass line, all together clashing into a touching melody that will hit some sensitive fibres for whoever listens to this gem.

This is what The Golden Hour had to say about the track:

Kids often lose certainties as they grow up, such as who they want to be or what their dream job would’ve been. This song makes you feel like there are moments worth sighing for, even though life comes with its fair share of problems, the nostalgia-infused single acts like a giant snooze button.”

Postcard Summer is a precious ode to Synth-pop, standing out thanks to its solid themes and enough authenticity to keep the genre fresh.

It might not be an hour long, but this track honours the artist’s name by being pure auditive gold. From the soulful lyrics to the meticulous instrumentation, this is a postcard that I would love to receive.

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Words Javier Rodriguez