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Emi Be Like Gets Running On ‘I Know Who You Are’

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‘Emi Be Like’ fends off her lover with electro-pop-rock.

Emi Be Like – ‘I Know Who You Are’

There comes a point of no return in many relationships. Someone says something, someone does something, and you can never look at them in the same way again. It’s like you’re seeing them as a whole new person, and sometimes the best thing to do is the get the heck out of there. This is the feeling Emi Be Like captures on ‘I Know Who You Are’, one final kiss-off as she’s out the door. 

Emi Be Like is a singer-songwriter based in Chicago. After a 2022 EP, she’s showing no signs of slowing down, with numerous releases this year.

‘I Know Who You Are’ is an energetic pop-rock breakup track with a heavy dose of electro and bags of angsty spirit.

‘I’m getting to my wit’s end’, sings Emi to her assumed ex-lover, the lyrics taking on the tone of an emotional monologue or multi-paragraphed text message. It gets heated with lines like ‘You want what’s best for me, but all you’re feeding me is stupid lies’, but the chorus concedes some responsibility, saying ‘I made a mistake and I know who you are’. The melodies are thoughtfully crafted and punchy, and the chorus is catchy, all delivered in Emi Be Like’s vocals which are full of attitude and backed up by some coolly sung harmonies. 

The production brings energy from the beginning, with driving drums, frantic synth lines, and crashing guitars taking centre stage. There are some stand-out guitar lines, responding to Emi’s vocals. It harkens back to the synth-pop-rock days of the 2000s, reminiscent of acts like The Veronicas. This is a track with plenty of spirit, perfect when you just want to shake out some angst. 

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