Shania Is ‘Fallin’ Into Synthy Dreams

Shania latest stream-of-consciousness synth pop.

Shania – ‘Fallin’

‘I overcomplicate my feelings, then, in the end, they end up leaving’, sings a line on Shania’s ‘Fallin’. This track tells an all-too-common tale of love, insecurity, overthinking, self-sabotage and loneliness. The journeys we go on in our head when we start getting feelings for someone are captured with a modern e-girl flavour by Shania here. 

Shania is a London-based singer and songwriter who’s already built some body of work. With a 2020 EP and several singles out, racking up a solid number of streams, she’s on the way up.

‘Fallin’ is a delicate, shimmering synth-pop track dedicated to modern love and loneliness.

The lyrics echo a stream-of-consciousness monologue, combining wishes – ‘fantasise, think I could be your wife’ – with self-deprecation and loneliness – ‘I tried to end it with pride…throw it away and regret it’. They’re simple yet evocative, lines like ‘They fly by and I’m alone by night’ landing with a lot of sincerity. The sadness is balanced by the gently falling melodies and Shania’s whispery yet assured vocal delivery. 

The production creates an incredibly dreamy atmosphere, centred around pulsing synths and quavering piano chords, drenched in reverb. Touches of an ominous synth bass lend occasional tension, while steel drum-esque lines add a hazy, island feel. This track is a perfect addition to your synthy, e-girl, lo-fi playlists, slotting alongside artists like The Weeknd and beabadoobee. It’s a strong offering from Shania, who’s already gearing up for her next release and showing no signs of slowing down.

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Words Eden Tredwell