Owen Hamlin Floats Along ‘Swimming In Your Sea’

Revel in Owen Hamlin’s beachside acoustic pop.

Owen Hamlin – Swimming In Your Sea

‘I don’t know which way it’s gonna go, but I can tell you this…’ sing the opening lines of ‘Swimming In Your Sea’, the latest release from Owen Hamlin. Uncertainty will affect all of us in life – some might say that life is nothing but uncertainty – but particularly when we’re coming into our adult selves. According to Hamlin, this song ‘captured a moment in time for my friends, peers and myself.’ 

Owen Hamlin is a singer, instrumentalist, songwriter and producer based in LA. With some steady releases over the last few years, Hamlin is beginning to built up buzz with live shows and press mentions.

‘Swimming In Your Sea’ is a relaxed singer-songwriter track, centred around grooving guitars and coming-of-age style lyrics.

Although Hamlin describes his style as alt-rock, this definitely shows a softer acoustic side, bringing to mind fireside singalongs. The conversational lyrics describe classic doubts and indecision – ‘now I’m here I wanna be there’ – yet are anchored by a love for one special person, with the titular hook conceding ‘I know where I wanna be, underneath the waves swimming in your sea’. This is all delivered with easy, natural melodies and Hamlin’s vocals, which are strong with a hint of rawness. 

The production is centred around chugging guitars, a beachside rhythm guitar complemented by some twanging solo lines, over solid drum beats. It’s fairly sparse and gives the track a stripped-back feel, reminiscent of artists like Jason Mraz, but with a singer-songwriter style more in an Oasis vein. It’s a very accessible track, easy to switch on and switch off to. 

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Words Eden Tredwell