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San Vito Ryder Pronounces ‘I Am The King’

San Vito Ryder I am The King on Right Chord Music

With help from producer Luke Oldfield, San Vito Ryder’s sophomore release expands on the unsettling sound that made their debut such a delight to listen to.

San Vito Ryder – I Am The King.

Close your eyes for a second and imagine a song that combines the unhinged energy of The Stooges with the introspective lyrical poignancy of Nick Cave. It sounds too good to be true, right? Then, you will be surprised to discover that this is not a simple ‘What if’ type of fantasy. This concept is a reality and exists thanks to San Vito Ryder.

After hearing San Vito’s early demos, producer Luke Oldfield (The Wytches, Metronomy and son of Mike Oldfield) and Kristian Bell (frontman of The Wytches) wanted to get involved.

As a result of this uncanny collaboration, the first single for this project, Tree Lily, was born, which is over two minutes of frantic aural chaos that gives a good idea of what this act is all about.

All the good reviews and positive feedback for this track meant that it was only a matter of time before a new song arrived, which it did almost a year later in the form of I Am The King.

While I Am The King maintains the post-punk and garage rock influences displayed in Tree Lily, it does an excellent job at keeping things fresh and distinctive enough to prove San Vito is very resourceful creativity-wise.

The piece benefits from its hypnotic rhythm section and San Vito’s intense vocal delivery, emphasizing the raw songwriting and evoking an unnerving atmosphere that slowly hooks you in.

“I Am The King is a fascinating showcase of post-punk mayhem.”

San Vito Ryder might have only two releases, but this has been enough to show exciting potential. What the future holds for this project is yet to be seen, but by the looks of it, it will be anything but typical.

“Taste the charm and listen. Fire can’t burn fire, baby!”

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Words Javier Rodriguez