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Gaby Duboisjoli’s Sensual ‘Say Please’

Gaby Duboisjoli Say Please on Right Chord Music

Discover Gaby Duboisjoli’s pulsating synth-soul-pop.

Gaby Duboisjoli – ‘Say Please’

‘Dom Perignon taught me everything I know…’ opens ‘Say Please’, setting a scene of elegance, wealth and intoxication. It’s a pretty steamy ride, this track, albeit in a retro, vaguely James Bond sort of way, so anyone not in the mood for some sensuality, look away now.

Gaby Duboisjoli is a French-British artist based in London. With experience in cabaret, pop, jazz, rock and electro, she has fused them all to create her upcoming EP ‘Feel Me’, supported by Help Musicians, from which this is the first single.

‘Say Please’ is a sensual, slow-building synthy track with elements of soul and jazz, dedicated to pleasure and teasing.

‘Rise to the top like froth, it’s my expertise’ sing the slightly risque lyrics, which paint a picture of passion and mutual desire. Lines like ‘dig your fingers in ripe fruit’ are evocative and effective, and sung in Duboisjoli’s husky vocals, which remain committed to the yearning emotions portrayed, culminating in the cheeky titular phrase ‘say please’. The melodies have echoes of soul and jazz, with flowing lines and some catchy hooks.

The production begins with hollow, subdued beats and moody pads, and builds up through the track extremely effectively. There are vintage strings, pulsing synths and shimmering layers of backing vocals, keeping it tense and thrumming until it reaches its – pardon the pun – climax. It creates something with a retro cabaret flair yet also with influences of artists like Portishead and The Cardigans. A polished track with a distinct identity of its own.

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Words Eden Tredwell