RnB singer-songwriter Pritt and genre-bending lyricist S.A.M unveil their duel concept EP, Take 2. 


RnB singer-songwriter Pritt and genre-bending lyricist and rapper S.A.M unveil their duel concept EP, Take 2 which blends influences from RnB and electro-pop to Afro-swing and hip-hop to create a versatile and dynamic project that narrates the course of a toxic romantic relationship.

S.A.M, Pritt ‘Take 2’

Each song on the EP details a relatable narrative from the upbeat dance-inducing bops like ‘365’ to both artists voicing the effortless, catchy melodies of ‘Trials and Tribulations’, down to the slow, honest, cathartic interlude of ‘Thinking’. 

5-tracks, 2 skits and 1 interlude long, the Take 2 EP builds upon the pair’s two previously released singles, ‘365’ and ‘Smoke & Mirrors’ which saw Pritt & S.A.M gain the attention of top industry tastemakers, secure placement on several Spotify editorial lists and an impressive No. 16 spot on the Top Asian 40 charts! With a strong fanbase behind them as individuals, this joint EP is sure to bring in crowds from both sides; the lovers of Pritt’s vocal croonings and empowering songwriting and the fans of S.A.M’s vast stylistic influences and irresistibly rhythmic bops will both find a home on this project. 

Speaking of the message and reasoning behind Take 2 and the lead single ‘Drowning’, S.A.M explains: 

“I remember watching this documentary one day and just thinking that the sea can be the most peaceful place to be on a summer’s day but in a storm can be the most destructive. It just reminded me of a toxic relationship. Sometimes you can try to find love in other people yet you still come running back and end up in a repetitive cycle of “drowning in love”. To the point it becomes too much and you just left with memories of a person. I think that’s what “Drowning” really tried to channel. The song itself was made a good two years ago but just seemed so relevant and fitting for the project. You do see a lot of joint male and female songs however, rarely do we see a whole project. This could be historic”

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Words Daisy Lipsey