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Rhona Macfarlane returns with ‘No Rain’ and there is always time for optimism

Rhona Macfarlane No Rain

Scottish singer-songwriter Rhona Macfarlane returns with ‘No Rain,’ the second single to be taken from her forthcoming EP ‘Closing The Window’ set for release on November 12th.

Rhona Macfarlane – No Rain

The idea for the song came from a phrase uttered by a family member who had just lost their life partner… “well at least there’s no rain outside.” What seemed like a passing comment stuck with Rhona reminding her that even in times of sadness and loneliness there is always room for optimism in something as simple as a sunny day.

‘No Rain’ explores the wider concept of time; considering, whatever happens, the sun will keep rising and the impact people have on us will extend way beyond their time on earth. Which is always a source of comfort when dealing with loss.

The opening lyrics to ‘No Rain’ are paired against a bare guitar line and exposed vocals but as the track builds it opens out to an uplifting and hopeful chorus set against celebratory soaring strings.

While the subject matter might suggest melancholy, the emotional intensity and depth of love communicated in ‘No Rain’ ensures it still manages to be simultaneously uplifting.

A poignant and beautifully observed portrait of family life

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‘No Rain’ follows Rhona’s previous release ‘Better When You’re Around’ which received recognition from BBC Radio Scotland shows such as The Roddy Hart Show, The Iain Anderson Show and Radio nan Gàidheal.

Closing the Window EP

The songs on the EP came from a time of inward reflection and solitude during the pandemic when ties with family and friends were cut off and sharing music was limited.

These reflective and personal songs draw on stories of everyday human experiences which capture themes of love, family, vulnerability, loss, and time while still maintaining a strong sense of hope and acceptance. Rhona describes the EP as ‘having a sense of romanticism but in that Scottish sort of way where you still maintain some realism and emotional restraint.’ She hopes ‘that the EP will provide some comfort and closure to this past year of loss and strain but provide a sense of hope and acceptance that helps people move forward while still remembering.’

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Words Mark Knight