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Stylusboy Lantern EP ‘Out Now’

Stylusboy Lantern

Stylusboy’s “enchanting lo-fi folk” is the creation of Coventry chap Steve Jones and Northern lass Rachel Grisedale. With arresting melodies and poignant lyrics Stylusboy bring their particular brand of warm lo-fi folk to life. Their music is deliberately stripped-back, purposefully honest, capturing raw emotion at its heart.  Jones’ delicate guitar lines and Grisedale’s sumptuous harmony work create gorgeous melodies that bring to mind the first rush of love, the warm summer air and the English countryside bathed in sunlight. This latest EP is set to be a summer classic.

Ears On blog writes of Lantern EP, “A lesson in what contemporary folk should be”.

Listen to it in full and buy your copy here.

Back in June 2011, Stylusboy’s ‘Whole Picture EP’ found critical acclaim with BBC 6Music’s Tom RobinsonAcoustic Magazine and Rock ‘n’ Reel Magazine who all praised their fragile, sensitive folk songs. ‘Whole Picture’ was This Is A Popscene’s EP of Year and received acclaim from around the world, finding fans particularly in Asia. Artrocker described ‘Whole Picture’ as “timeless… blown up with folk galore”. Intimate house-shows, online gigs (live from Steve’s kitchen), main-stage festival performances and support slots for Newton FaulknerPaper AeroplanesJon Gomm and Rue Royale grew the pair a dedicated following.

In March 2013 Stylusboy signed to acoustic label Wild Sound, and combining their signature home-spun recording techniques with performances and production assistance from Polly Paulusma created this EP, the appetiser for the feast to follow – a full-length album before the end of the year.  Each physical EP copy is unique, painstakingly hand-crafted in Stylusboy’s loving tradition.

BBC 6Music’s Tom Robinson says: “A leading light among today’s new generation of DIY digital troubadours, Stylusboy’s music reflects their open, yet fiercely independent nature. Whether playing solo house concerts or theatre shows with a full band, everything they do is connected, committed and community-oriented. These are songwriters whose developing career I’ve been keenly following, and which many musicians twice their age would do well to emulate.”

“Lantern EP” is out now on Wild Sound. The debut album from Stylusboy will follow hot on its heels later in the year.

For information and interviews contact: polly@wildsoundrecordings.com

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