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Put on your ‘Bandana’ for some irresistible electronica with Love Lights Driving

Love Lights Driving - Bandana

When I first listened to ‘Bandana’, I thought, ‘Oh, this is a flashback’. There’s something in the adolescently confused lyrics and retro touches that made me feel like I was watching someone else’s memory. And as the song’s lyrics conclude ‘It’s coming of age’, I hopefully wasn’t too far off! It’s perfect, nostalgic festival fare, ready to be put into that new hit Netflix series.

Love Lights Driving – Bandana

It’s very polished for a debut single. This comes from the Los Angeles based group Love Lights Driving, their first release ahead of a debut EP due this summer. With a list of influences and genres a mile long, there’s clear enthusiasm and skill here.

‘Bandana’ is a warm electronica hymn to love and self doubt – think Daft Punk at the beach.

The eponymous bandana was given to our narrator by someone special, with Nathan Reye’s dreamy vocals wondering why ‘I just keep on making the same mistakes’. I particularly enjoyed the poetry of the opening lyrics, ‘I woke up from thunder and my face feeling cold/All covered in colours from the night before.’

With a production jam-packed full of instrumental hooks and riffs, there’s a nice balance of solid grooves and unexpected sounds. There’s a clear funk influence in the bass but tempered with sharp beats and 80s new wave touches. Warm synths and quivering samples keep the ear interested. It’s a strong opening gambit from Love Lights Driving, with a nice dash of eclecticism, all pointing towards a bright future for this band.

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Words Eden Tredwell