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Hallworth’s indie-pop is ‘Built to Last’


At some point, most of us will have to start afresh. To leave somewhere comforting and safe for all the risks and rewards of the unknown. It’s perhaps something we associate with youth, but you take a chance at any age. It’s this universal feeling that Hallworth astutely taps into on her debut single ‘Built to Last’, the moment it begins to dawn on you that you can’t stay here.

Hallworth – Built to Last

Naturally, this has personal resonance for indie-pop artist Hallworth, who wrote the song when deciding to move back to London after three years in Sheffield.

“Built to Last is a gorgeous, soul-searching anthem with a singer-songwriter drive.”

It’s an impressive amount of emotional maturity for a debut single, and highly relatable – which Hallworth must have realised, including the lyric ‘You are not alone in this’. Her light, pure voice flows easily into the ear and provides near-angelic backing vocals too, reminiscent of modern female singer-songwriters like Gabrielle Aplin.

A tip of the hat to Nicholas Alexander for his solid production, too. Opening with organ chords, there’s a lush church feel to the first section, but it’s very satisfying when the thrumming bass and big pop kick come in. There’s even a touch of country with the silvery guitars and a general sense of release and wide-open spaces. The lyrics accurately show the hesitancy and self-doubt in these big life moments – ‘Is this everything that my life will be?’ ponders Hallworth, noting that part of her is still content to stay as she is. It’s a thoughtful yet uplifting track and a sweetly relatable debut.

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Words Eden Tredwell