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Come into Emma Dark’s world with ‘The Spider and the Fly’

Emma Dark The Spider and The Fly

The ominous sound of a tick-tock – a clock? A bomb? – starts off Emma Dark’s ‘The Spider and The Fly’. It’s quickly followed by an electric guitar rolling out steady 5ths. This is some instant tension building, exacerbated by an unusually long introduction. Appropriate for a song inspired by the macabre 1800s poem of the same name.

Emma Dark The Spider and The Fly

The Spider and The Fly is the latest release from alternative rock singer-songwriter Emma Dark. It draws upon her unusually isolated upbringing and love of psychology and storytelling.

‘The Spider and The Fly’ is a grungy tale of dangerous desire and irresistible temptation.

‘If you take my hand then I’ll come inside’ sings Emma Dark, all too persuasive with her silvery sweet tones. I particularly enjoyed her initial ‘da da di-da’, hook, a sweet and girlish contrast to the arachnid imagery. At nearly 7 minutes long, it’s a bit of an epic and perhaps not suited to all radio, but it remains listenable throughout.

Dark gives us lilting melodies, combined with energetic drums and hints of distortion, energy that calls to mind beloved late-90s bands like No Doubt, Garbage and Weezer. In fact, if ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ was still airing, I have no doubt this song would be featured in some scene at The Bronze. (Am I showing my age? Hmm.) The electric guitar adds a classic rock edge, provided by guitarist Dillon Brown, who treats us to a virtuosic solo. And with this track being the first try at home recording for Emma Dark, she is to be commended for creating something so coherent. An enticing tune from an unusual artist whom we’re sure to hear more of.

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Words Eden Tredwell