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Camila Knight Shares Introspective EP ‘Spacetime’

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After a series of successful releases over the past year, singer-songwriter Camila Knight returns with her highly anticipated EP, spacetime.

Camila Knight – spacetime

Since her debut, the eclectic songstress and producer has earned a reputation as a versatile artist. Known for her colourful electronic textures and empathetic songwriting, Camila Knight has become synonymous with quality in the independent scene.

The release of her song No Need to Say Goodbye on February 23rd set the stage for the launch of her second EP, spacetime. This compelling work delves into a multitude of themes such as soul-searching, self-worth, the quest for belonging, letting go, heartbreak, daydreaming, and self-discovery. This all gives the EP a profound introspective value.

No Need to Say Goodbye provides a glimpse of what’s to come. The track balances catchy rhythms with a passionate performance, featuring deep synth and bass alongside scattered vocals. Although seemingly tragic, the song ultimately speaks of hope to overcome obstacles in relationships and life.

One of the most personal tracks on the EP, Journey, explores the desire to make significant changes in life, the tough decisions that come with it, and finding one’s place in the world. Metaphorically depicting life as a journey, the song is embellished with a thick wall of backing vocals, slow-paced beats, and melodious synths, creating a comforting atmosphere brimming with unfiltered passion due to its motivational theme.

Satellites takes the work into outer space territory with its anthemic pop melody, embodying empowerment. Its positive lyrics, upbeat hook, bright guitar sections, and catchy synths are sure to get listeners dancing from the first few seconds. This tune stands out as one of the highlights of the record.

Shifting gears towards a more theatrical direction, Gone Away encourages listeners to rid themselves of negativity and embrace each day as a new opportunity. The song’s intricate arrangements convey a graceful ambiance, showcasing Camila’s gifted voice and its many remarkable qualities.

The final track, Lavender Fields, is the only song on this EP that wasn’t released as a single. It is an indie pop ballad about unattainable love, presenting a dreamy scenario of an imaginary relationship filled with delusional wishful thinking. While distinct from the previous tracks, the song features astonishing and varied stylistic choices with a nostalgia-infused guitar riff, hazy synths, and delicately soulful vocals that culminate in a breathtaking chorus.

“Spacetime is a journey into introspection and personal growth.”

Across five meaningful songs, Camila Knight pours her heart out, revealing many facets of her personality—from vulnerability to determination and courage.

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Words Javier Rodriguez