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Jonathan Thomas Maiocco Is ‘Better Off’

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Discover Jonathan Thomas Maiocco’s ethereal synth-pop.

Jonathan Thomas Maiocco – ‘Better Off’

‘Tears were streaming down my face, when you told me I’m going to hell…’ opens ‘Better Off’ by Jonathan Thomas Maiocco. It reflects what is unfortunately still a reality for many queer people around the world – rejection from our loved ones, with a dash of religious persecution. This song lifts those feelings into a pure kind of acceptance, into something almost – dare I say it – heavenly.

Jonathan Thomas Maiocco is a composer, producer, songwriter and artist based in LA. His work not only includes his own artist project, but production and arrangement for other artists along with film and TV music. This single comes from his latest EP, the bluntly titled ‘Religious Trauma Syndrome’.

‘Better Off’ is a soaring synth-pop hymn with plenty of authenticity and relatable subject matter.

‘I never thought that I would leave’ sing the simple, confessional lyrics, tracing the path from a more rigid, oppressive environment to self-acceptance and freedom. The title refers to the ultimate realisation that ‘I’m better off you’re not around’. The melodies have plenty of classic pop influence although could use more hooks, and the tender vocals lend plenty of sincerity to the track.

The production has a soundscape approach to it – flashes of birdsong, and ocean sounds are heard at various moments. But the core of the track is pure piano lines and soaring synths. With no strong beats, the track relies on building layers of synths and choral-style vocal harmonies for power, and achieves it well. A promising song.

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Words Eden Tredwell